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Those summer days . . . reminds me of moving season.
May 29, 2007, 8:21 am
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I’ve moved every summer for so many years, it seems natural and organic–geese fly south to warmer climes; herds of buffalo migrate to greener pastures; schools of salmon fight upstream currents to their natal streams; and Aaron feels the urge to pack up his 500 lb dining room table and move. College was the excuse several years ago. Of course, college roommates come and go, as do living situations, and students–well, they’re nomadic. It might have been easier just to erect a tipi in the upper quad, although I’m quite sure there’s some type of city ordinance against campfires in McCorkle Place. Now, I’m not sure what my excuse is–why am I still moving, moving, moving. Every year, when the flowers start to bloom, and there’s pollen in the air so thick you choke on it, I get that restless feeling, and I have to pick up my 1200 lb living room furniture–pull out the rented refrigerator, clean the fallen pasta from behind it–scrub the bathroom that I disgustingly allowed to build up with mildew of various hues and textures–and look at those empty walls, once my home, one last time–and go.

That’s what I’m doing this week–moving to my antiquated, character-laden (and haunted, I hope) house in Durham. Blogging may be sparse. But pictures are definitely forthcoming. I love this old place.


New House, and Lots of Change . . .
May 8, 2007, 9:29 am
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Life is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Where will I be? More importantly, who will I be–six months, five, ten or twenty years from now? At times, I wonder if I can keep up.

The biggest change of the moment is a move next month into this house with a dear friend of mine. More pictures will be forthcoming as renovations begin and the house becomes something more akin to a home. At least for a little while, a home.


Handel’s Messiah at Duke Chapel
December 5, 2006, 12:07 pm
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Handel’s Messiah at Duke Chapel this year. Was. Amazing. My dear friend, Meredith, and I attended the performance on Sunday last. Because of my friend’s benevolence, we sat just three rows from the conductor’s black tails.

At one point, the conductor threw his baton into the air, caught it in his fist, and stabbed a series of notes with gusto. Emotions were heightened. Few a dry eye in the place of worship. And the soloists, oh, the soloists. Where to begin? They recognized the spirit of this performance of Messiah, and took vocal license with their solos, oftentimes putting the integrity of their voices at risk, and chancing losing control. Simply breathtaking.

When I exited the house of worship, my feet trod lightly on air.

The Truffle Farm
November 25, 2006, 10:44 pm
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Near this pond on our farm, a parcel of land was devoted to hazelnut trees, which were lovingly planted three years ago. Allow me to mention that these hazelnut trees were no ordinary hazelnut trees, my friend. Oh, no. The roots of these trees were inoculated to grow the precious Perigord truffle (or black truffle–sadly, the farm is not in the Perigord region of France). We hope to have our first truffle harvest in two years.

Any chefs among you?

Our mountain home . . .
November 23, 2006, 9:16 pm
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. . . never fails but to renew my faith in a divine presence in this, our natural world.  I took this photo today while sojourning through a secluded part of the North Carolina Appalachians.  In the foreground, a stream gently tumbles over jutting, moss covered stones.