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Cold February
February 11, 2008, 11:09 am
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“He was often off sick or playing hooky and suffered from a kind of ennui, a mixture of listlessness and willful melancholy.”



Life, these days.
December 28, 2006, 1:08 pm
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I arrived back to my central North Carolina home from Christmas in the mountains the other day. Life marches on, it seems. On, on, onward. Sans timeouts, breaks, moments to catch one’s breath. Always, onward. Even the holiday was not worry-free. Life, how complicated.

My car was declared a total loss today.

I now have an attorney.

My chiropractor wants to see me three times per week for the next nine weeks. I told him I didn’t speak to my own mother so often. Apparently, the accident caused two vertebraes to move to bad places where vertebraes shouldn’t go. He put them back, which wasn’t a pleasant experience. I told him, my family marches on, just like life. We just march. And shrug at doctors, with their nine week treatment plans.

Life. Life today is patiently waiting for the smoke to clear. However, at this point, I fear the fire still burns, perhaps with added fuel.

Blogging Hiatus
December 19, 2006, 9:44 am
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I must take a blogging hiatus for the next few days. First, allow me to say, I’m well. I’m fine. And I write this post, largely in jest.

Now, then . . .

I’m sorry to say that a most unfortunate series of events has occurred in my life: (1) my law school laptop departed to that happy hunting ground in the sky–that farm of rolling meadows and perpetual sunshine, where all good laptops go; (2) my brand new car went there also, after a five-car crash on I-40; (3) my neck and back wish they could go; (4) family members have sent me religious tracts about homosexuality, telling me where homos go; (5) my apartment has been infested with locusts and frogs and insurance adjusters; (6) my skin has broken out with boils; (7) and don’t even think about bringing your firstborn anywhere near me. Either the wrath of God is upon me, or the universe is tumultuously balancing itself, or my karma is really, really bad.

Nonetheless, I remain in good spirits. I shall not complain. However, I must admit, I do not have the patience of Job.

At the very least, I must take a blogging break to clear my apartment of frogs and insurance adjusters. The locusts may stay.

UPDATE: Its name was Ewan McGregor–my car, that is, the dearly departed.

Stampeding on I-40
November 12, 2006, 9:24 pm
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I learned something about the nature of human beings today. We are quite possibly the only mammal that voluntarily stampedes without first being chased by a wild, fang-wielding carnivorous beast.

Allow me to explain. Upon driving I-40 from Raleigh to Chapel Hill, as I do, I happened upon a stretch of road where I could preview the mile ahead of me. Cars were darting from one lane to another, weaving perilously in a high-speed chase to somewhere. Oh, how cars urged others to move faster. Oh, how we galloped, in a constant search for a quicker way. Something, must be attacking us, I thought, and I instantly panicked.

When all at once, my mind’s eye was transported to an African terrain, and I was surrounded by stampeding, hooved mammals—wildebeests, probably, of various makes and models. Our nostrils flared. Our breathless mouths panted for wind. Worse yet, I just knew that my mammalian friends and I were being chased by a “big cat,” family felidae, genus panthera leo. My worst nightmare. Our lives were hanging by a thread.

Or were we? I took a moment to consider my situation, and upon glancing in my rearview mirror, I saw no cat behind me; yet, I raced. Oh, how I raced. Fear and adrenaline pumped through my veins. But if no cat, what wild predator could possibly be making all of these human beings stampede?

Then, it dawned on me. How ridiculous we are. Nothing is chasing us. We might possibly be the only mammal on this vast Earth that voluntarily stampedes.