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Hinton James North renamed George Moses Horton Residence Hall
February 13, 2007, 10:56 am
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Yesterday, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill dedicated a residence hall to a former slave and poet from Chatham County, George Moses Horton. The residence hall “is believed to be the first university building in the nation to carry a slave’s name.” You can read all about it, here.

A few blocks away from where I currently sit, a monument in downtown Raleigh says, “To Our Confederate Dead.” I walk by this monument every morning on my way to work and wonder, how can this monument stand so proudly. Where’s the monument to the slaves who built the city–to our heroic African-American dead. And where’s the monument to the operators of the Underground Railroad. To those who stuck out their necks to fight, not for “states’ rights,” but for human rights.

I’m glad that UNC-CH recognizes that the university was, in fact, built and supported by slaves. I’m better pleased that the University took action–honoring Horton in this way.

Kudos, Chapel Hill!



Yeh, I’m a Tar Heel
January 8, 2007, 5:21 pm
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After the Tar Heel’s 84-58 win over Florida State last night, in the ACC opener no less, the team “today managed an accomplishment it never achieved during its 2005 national championship season: the No. 1 ranking in the Associated Press men’s basketball poll,” says the News & Observer.

Alright, Heels! I see you.