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Colony Collapse Disorder threatens Honeybees
February 12, 2007, 10:54 am
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My posts appear to be on an animal trend as of late. I’ll go with it.

News of mysterious animal illness is never good news. My Dad is an apiarist–not a livelihood, just a hobby. Nonetheless, the mysterious bee illness is particularly worrisome to me.

Here’s what the New York Times said:

A mysterious illness is killing tens of thousands of honeybee colonies across the country, threatening honey production, the livelihood of beekeepers and possibly crops that need bees for pollination. Researchers are scrambling to find the cause of the ailment, called colony collapse disorder. Reports of unusual colony deaths have come from at least 22 states. Some commercial beekeepers have reported losing more than 50 percent of their bees.

Honeybees have a tough life anyway, prone to parasites. Not to mention that colonies produce new queen bees in the spring, which then rally the troops, create swarms, and leave for bigger clover blooms in another pasture.


UPDATE:  My Dad’s honey bees have left their hives, we believe, due to this mysterious bee illness.  There is no other explanation from the usual bee-harming suspects.


Exotic Animal Ban? But no mention of CPT?
January 31, 2007, 9:09 am
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This story made the front page of the Raleigh News & Observer today, reporting that a “legislative study group . . . want[s] to ban individual ownership of a list of risky critters — from lions and tigers to anacondas and apes — and to restrict people and institutions allowed to keep them.”

Then, public outcry:

[The] proposed ban on exotic and dangerous beasts has whipped up a guerrilla network of animal lovers who don’t want their favorite creatures outlawed.”

Basically, we got together because we were getting our butts kicked by this study group,” said Doug Evans, co-founder of the Conservators’ Center, a sanctuary for big cats and other exotic animals near Mebane.

Oddly absent from the story, though, is this organization, located in Pittsboro, NC–the Carnivore Preservation Trust, which I visited in my Natural Resources class at UNC Law. I, personally, would like to know whether the proposed legislation limits the good work of CPT–if it does, I’m officially in the fight.