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Summer Plans, Already
January 8, 2008, 10:11 am
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Already, I’m scheming my summer excursion. I would call it simply “planning,” but sometimes I believe that even though all of my plans are harmless (except, maybe to me–for example, my plan to smoke a cigarette when my day gets stressful), they’re still schemes. There’s an element of this-plan-isn’t-tempered-with-moderation. That nagging angel on my shoulder–moderation. I should knock her to her knees. At any rate, my scheme:

Of course, my scheme involves another trip to Europe. Well, not just involves–it is another trip to Europe. I want to go so badly–to shed the bore of a daily grind and replace it with beaches and piña coladas. I think my first stop will be Barcelona–the perfect place for beaches and piña coladas, then perhaps I’ll revisit my Parisian friend who presently has undertaken a theatre job in Marseilles. Southern France this time; although it will be difficult to enter the country without endeavoring to go north to Paris. That wonderful place–Paris. The city haunts my dreams. I’m sure to revisit, perhaps on a more permanent basis, but that’s later in life. Maybe, this time, I’ll work my way up the coast to Juan-les-Pins, instead. Afterwards, I’ll happily visit old friends, Jason and John, in their hideaway in the Swiss Alps–I have no idea where–I think somewhere near Lausanne. Who cares about the location; I’ll be nestled with loved ones in the environ of snow covered mountain peaks and lake filled vales. At the end of the journey, I hope I’m able to take a long-ass train ride to Berlin. Berlin–this city was the reason I began scheming at all. However, the scheme seems to be taking a different shape at this point. Maybe I’ll fly to Berlin.

For a plethora of good reasons, even moderate reasons, I’m strongly considering an application to the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands for an LLM in international human rights and criminal justice. More on that later.

Update: Perhaps, I should call my own attention (and the attention of my sparse reading audience) to the fact that my last scheme began with Istanbul and ended with the Greek Islands (not a bad trade). I guess what I’m saying is this: It’s January. I’m restless. These plans are subject to change, but maybe I should just solidify by buying a plane ticket to London, after which, at least that’s settled. Ugh, I hate London–that too-fucking-expensive gateway city. I’m using the word “hate” here. Anyway–ending on a positive note: of course, as always, I vow to live in interesting times.


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