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Life, these days.
December 28, 2006, 1:08 pm
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I arrived back to my central North Carolina home from Christmas in the mountains the other day. Life marches on, it seems. On, on, onward. Sans timeouts, breaks, moments to catch one’s breath. Always, onward. Even the holiday was not worry-free. Life, how complicated.

My car was declared a total loss today.

I now have an attorney.

My chiropractor wants to see me three times per week for the next nine weeks. I told him I didn’t speak to my own mother so often. Apparently, the accident caused two vertebraes to move to bad places where vertebraes shouldn’t go. He put them back, which wasn’t a pleasant experience. I told him, my family marches on, just like life. We just march. And shrug at doctors, with their nine week treatment plans.

Life. Life today is patiently waiting for the smoke to clear. However, at this point, I fear the fire still burns, perhaps with added fuel.


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I urge you to spend some time researching the relative efficacy of chiropractic care and other forms of medicine. A close look at chiropractic reveals that there’s not much science there, and not much in the way of healing, either.

Comment by Lance

I am so sorry to hear of all your woes, my wonderful friend. If I can do ANYTHING for you, just give me a call. And I’m extra sorry about your poor car!

Comment by Kristine

This kind of injury – vertebrae shifted out of line – is one thing that chiropractors can really help with.
Pain-free in Peoria

Comment by tamsie

Thanks, friends.

Comment by theminstrel

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