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Blogging Hiatus
December 19, 2006, 9:44 am
Filed under: Societal Nonsense

I must take a blogging hiatus for the next few days. First, allow me to say, I’m well. I’m fine. And I write this post, largely in jest.

Now, then . . .

I’m sorry to say that a most unfortunate series of events has occurred in my life: (1) my law school laptop departed to that happy hunting ground in the sky–that farm of rolling meadows and perpetual sunshine, where all good laptops go; (2) my brand new car went there also, after a five-car crash on I-40; (3) my neck and back wish they could go; (4) family members have sent me religious tracts about homosexuality, telling me where homos go; (5) my apartment has been infested with locusts and frogs and insurance adjusters; (6) my skin has broken out with boils; (7) and don’t even think about bringing your firstborn anywhere near me. Either the wrath of God is upon me, or the universe is tumultuously balancing itself, or my karma is really, really bad.

Nonetheless, I remain in good spirits. I shall not complain. However, I must admit, I do not have the patience of Job.

At the very least, I must take a blogging break to clear my apartment of frogs and insurance adjusters. The locusts may stay.

UPDATE: Its name was Ewan McGregor–my car, that is, the dearly departed.


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oh minstrel ~ i’m so sorry to hear about your car and laptop!

i have a few religious phamplets on homosexuality that i should pass along to you. they’re the kind that says Jesus loves you and that he said the commandments all come down to love God and love your neighbor.

by the way you should remind your relatives that eating shellfish can be dangerous to your eternal soul too 🙂

Comment by julie

Wait, maybe the fact that you named your car “Ewan McGregor” has something to do with your family sending you “god hates fags” literature.

Seriously, though, this just confirms my general policy: don’t mess with God, and God won’t mess with you.

Comment by Lance

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